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I'm not familiar with real estate, can I invest in it?

Yes, even if you lack real estate knowledge, profits are automatically recorded through TOKEN, and we are preparing a platform that allows you to check the distribution details of sales and distributed profits on the same day.

How do business owners apply for a business they want to start or develop?

If you contact us through the official e-mail on the website,
You can assign a person in charge within the shortest time to receive documents and data related to the application form.

The assigned person will be managed continuously from the start of the business to the management of the workplace, until the application for closure or the resignation of the person in charge.

Can I see you keep the investor's funds safe?

When the investor’s real estate NFT or TOKEN holding details are confirmed, the real estate registration process will be carried out in parallel so that the registration details of the physical real estate can be set as collateral or proved ownership.
You don’t have to worry.