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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate Development Project - Investment Linkage

Starting with real estate site selection,
purchase, and investment linkage
Even connecting to construction/financial services…

Business owners can reduce the financial burden,
The investor will earn the return on
investment and operating income,
The complicated way of proof of real estate ownership
is turned into a token.
It’s easy and easy to help.

SERVICE Features

The difference in investment and operating income according to regional variations was minimized.

  • The business owner has no legal dispute with the building owner.
  • We recoup our investment through the sales generated every day.
  • We provide various business models through BEETWEEN services.
  • Real-time, daily settlement and management are possible through the PG network.
  • It is the total share ratio converted to the total amount, not by region, and there is no deviation.
  • Easy and easy to transfer* and prove ownership.

Business Owner’s Benefit

Business owners who are difficult to invest and new to operations should be with a partner who can succeed.

LS Service is designed to provide services for development businesses and franchise start-ups.
It provides the best synergy.
It is optimized for securing the liquidity
of funds for business operators,
Plan required for funding by the business operator
and the expansion of the business
LS services are supported.