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Company Introduction


"We are a startup company with
accurate market analysis and
experience in creating the best value."

We’re a startup, and we’re not a company with the best technology.

But we are not ashamed of our small workforce. It is a group of retail fintech experts who bring together experts from each field to bring out the best value in the area of supply and demand.

We have blockchain technology specialized in distributing funds, collecting money, and payment, and secure settlement platform technology.

With knowledge through numerous financial service planning and implementation, it is a retail fintech company that builds a retail financial market environment that companies, and even individuals can use more conveniently in a more single environment with a social network settlement system.

It provides differentiated experiences and values through our own social network settlement system through digital technology.

LUCKY DRAW Foundation

Why don’t digital assets have substance?

convergence of real estate
and digital assets


Lucky Draw's Vision

value creation

Creating a Real Estate Subscription Economy through Commercial Space Subscription Services

technological creation

Creating a registration and proof-of-ownership method through NFT through a proof-of-stake method through blockchain

Creation of the future

Management through META
of commercial space,
Digitalization of physical space
through promotion